Ruby Background

The Ruby Lady



Born and bred in little old New Zealand, The Ruby Lady is an award winning, international performer specialising in Egyptian Belly Dance and Folklore and is currently based in Sharm el Shiekh, Egypt.

She performs on a nightly basis in luxury hotels and tourist attractions around the South Sinai region, and continues to hone her craft through travel and training with international master teachers, as well as learning from and taking inspiration from her contemporaries and co workers. Her hard work, dedication and talent has allowed her to perform alongside belly dance heavey weights such as Jillina, Heather Aued and Louchia as she sky rockets her way to greatness.

Her style draws heavily from Egyptian belly dance both old and new with a cabaret twist. Her signature style is dynamic and emotive with an emphasis on musicality and sincerity, mixing athletic movement with a calm grace, a peppering of intricate foot work, internalised muscle locks and lashings of fun, flirty accents. .

It is through dance that the Ruby Lady has found a home, a community, and a life-long obsession. Through her journey in dance, she has discovered her own strength of mind, body and character, as well as the strength and beauty of those around her, no matter their shape, size, age and physical ability. It is, and always will be, her most important goal in life to share the liberation that she herself has discovered through learning, teaching and sharing the art of belly dance.